Integrated Coaching: Targeted, Differentiated Instructional Improvement

Research has repeatedly shown that the only way to significantly and substantively improve instruction is intensive, sustained, and individualized professional development. The only way to do that is to significant and substantively focus improvement efforts on the work of teaching itself.

Learning Centered can help. Whether you are a school in need of targeted support or are looking for a value add on-demand support, our integrated remote coaching services focuses on learning in and from classroom practice--that's why we are called Learning Centered.

What is Integrated Coaching?

Typical instructional coaching supports--in which teachers are observed and then given feedback--are too infrequent and too evaluative to have a measurable impact on daily instruction.

Integrated Coaching is different. Coaching services are not an isolated or occasional activity; rather, they are aligned with your school’s goals and existing professional learning systems to specifically target your school needs. Use of a hybrid in-person and virtual coaching model means coaching is timely and targeted: teachers or instructional leaders choose when it is most needed or useful. Coaching methods are goal-oriented and evidence-based, with a targeted focus on student thinking as the source for teacher growth and change.

How Does Integrated Coaching Work?

Integrated Coaching ____

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Meet the Coaches

Our coaches are experienced teacher educators with extensive, hands-on expertise in supporting the learning and enactment of ambitious practice.

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