The Practice of Improving Practice

Learning Centered professional learning supports focus on the work of teaching—the critical principles and practices of teachers leverage in daily instruction in order to sustain ambitious teaching and learning.  To help you do so, we offer three levels of support: Intensives, Systems, and Transformations.

We also offer virtual coaching, either as part of our Systems work or as a separate professional development program.



Intensives target your school or district's principal problem(s) of practice with content- and/or teaching-specific content and activities. These 1-3 day fully customized trainings prioritize content learning, meaningful practice, and immediate application in teachers' classrooms and administrators' instructional leadership.

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Our Systems model targets both your instructional improvement initiatives and the social capital of your learning communities through a comprehensive suite of classroom-based professional learning. Focusing on teacher-generated problems of practice and ongoing collaboration through teaching, this semester- or year-long model provides multiple supports to teachers and instructional leaders, including intensive, just-in-time professional development; planning and facilitate support for PLCs and instructional leadership teams; instructional coaching; and teacher leadership development.

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Sustained instructional improvement is the focus of our full-scale Transformation model. Over the course of one or more years of partnership, Learning Centered provides comprehensive instructional improvement support, including professional development, classroom and leadership coaching, and high-quality curricula. The Transformation model prioritizes strategic planning, teacher-led inquiry, and performance management.

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