Introducing CORECONNECTION: Next Generation Professional Development for Next Generation Standards and Assessments

August and September Availability!

The connections across these next generation assessments are profound; the new demands on your students and teachers are very real. Is your school’s content area literacy instruction up to the new standard?

Whether Illinois chooses to continue on with the ACT or to switch to the SAT, fundamental changes to the content and construct of college readiness and entrance assessments--including the recent launch of PARCC and the ongoing overhaul of AP exams--have taken place, creating new opportunities and challenges for classroom instruction.

Compare, for instance, the newly revised ACT Writing component, to be administered starting in September 2015, with its original design:



                                              Old ACT Writing task

                                            Old ACT Writing task

                                       New ACT Writing Task

                                     New ACT Writing Task

The shift from a simplistic "pro-con" persuasive task to a multi-source analysis and evaluation of issues is not merely significant to/for the ACT; it's representative of a paradigmatic and permanent shift in performance assessment AND postsecondary writing expectations. And that has far-reaching effects for reading and writing instruction in all content areas at your school or district.

Learning Centered can help.

Leveraging hands-on content learning, teacher collaboration teams, and classroom-based professional development, we'll work with your instructional leadership team to develop a fully customizable teacher learning program that helps teachers name, plan for, and teach the concepts and skills required of the next generation assessments. Our work, whether as a single-day session or as a year-long cycle of professional learning, takes a comprehensive approach to standards-based teaching and learning by: 1) focusing entirely on the work of translating next generation standards and assessments into classroom practice; 2) embedding teacher learning and practice into your classrooms and professional learning communities. This is not a workshop or seminar; it is professional growth through strategic teaching.

Some of the ways we can help you do so include:

Key Activities of the CoreConnection Program

-Analysis of the new assessment designs and skill areas
-Review of student work to determine teaching points and challenges
-Assessment current department and/or school progress in providing a college-ready curriculum
-Targeted subject-specific PD on teaching reading and writing from multiple sources
-Lesson study to develop new approaches for planning, teaching, and assessing
-Study of classroom enact more rigorous instruction!

CoreConnection is led by Brad Cawn, a nationally-recognized education consultant (ASCD, Solution Tree), and author of the upcoming Texts, Tasks, and Talk: Instruction that Meets the Common Core, Grades 9-12 (Solution Tree); he is a former assessment designer for ACT and a former CPS central office administrator. Contact Brad today to figure out how we can partner with you to improve achievement through instruction.