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About Us: Boris Krichevsky


Boris Krichevsky’s work focuses on the cross-section of special education, teacher education reform and education policy.  An alumnus of the New York City Teaching Fellows program, Boris worked for the Department of Education in New York City for six years, before transitioning to his current role as a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington.

In addition to being a public school classroom teacher, Boris held a variety of leadership roles during his tenure with the NYC DOE.  He served as the special education department chair, was a member of the principal’s cabinet, and was the special education compliance coordinator for his school cluster.

Boris’s work at the University of Washington has afforded him the opportunity to explore education research and policy analysis.  As a research assistant on a project commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he examined international teaching standards, and possible implications for the profession in the United States.  Boris engaged in an iterative data analysis process, and developed a feedback loop to the Foundation, maintaining his commitment to being responsive to the needs of his clients.

Boris is also a clinical teacher educator at UW.  His primary work is with educators who teach in traditionally under resourced schools, where he supports teachers in meeting the needs of their struggling learners.  Boris’s areas of specialty include social justice teacher education, classroom management, differentiating instruction, and designing dynamic professional development.

Boris is currently a doctoral candidate in the area of special education and education policy at the University of Washington.  He is also an active and contributing member of the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia University Law School.  Boris received a master’s degree in education from Brooklyn College, and a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin. 

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